ASA Foundation



Empowering people through sports-based education activities such as participatory learning classroom workshops, grass roots Edu-Sports development coaching clinics, training of trainer (ToT) master training programs together with festivals, leagues and tournaments
Using sports-based education development programs as a pedagogical tool to create awareness while providing lasting benefits in areas such as education, health, gender equality, athletic development together with the regeneration of schools and communities across developing countries.


Delivering education through professional sports development activities since 2001
Sports-based education programming activities reaching out to over 3 million people globally.
Originally set up as a Professional Soccer and Sports Academy in 2001 before evolving into a Sports-based education NGO through Trauma Relief programming post-natural disasters such as Indonesia’s Tsunami (Aceh 2004) and Earthquake (Yogyakarta 2006).
Projects in association with the FIFA Foundation, NBA Cares, F.C. Barcelona Foundation, UN Agencies, USAID, US Embassy, British Embassy, British Council, SCORT Foundation and professional sports clubs together with a host of International Donors and NGOs.
ASA Foundation is a member of the UNESCO Regional Task Force for “Sports for Development”.


Behavior Change
Waste Management, Recycling Development & Climate Change
Building Resiliency & Community Development
Conflict Mitigation, Counter Terrorism, Peace Building & Religious Tolerance
Disaster Preparedness & Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
English Language
Financial Literacy & Inclusion
Gender Equality & Women Empowerment
Hygiene, Health & Nutrition
HIV AIDS Awareness
Life Skills & Capacity Building
Inclusive Education & Supporting People with Mental and Physical Disabilities
Psychosocial & Trauma Relief
Refugee Empowerment


Global Grass Roots Education through Professional Sports Development programming.
Working in disadvantaged communities and schools across Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines with coach and student stakeholder exchange programs implemented in Australia, the UK, Europe and the United States.
Reaching out to all people, male and female, of all ages, hence, ensuring gender sensitivity. Women Empowerment is a massive focus for ASA!
Training of Trainer (ToT) instructor training programs for local community members, sports coaches and school teachers to ensure program sustainability and to guarantee a programming legacy.
Youth Step-Down Training (YSDT) education through Edu-Sports development training programs for youth and young adults across communities and schools.
All ASA Foundation ToT and YSDT programming activities comprise of the following blended learning solution:
1) Classroom-based Participatory Learning Workshops
2) Specialised grass roots Edu-Sports Coaching Development modules incorporating core education messages and simulations through the outdoor training curriculum
3)Technical Sports Coaching Development modules act as the REWARD mechanism!


ASA Foundation partners with Microsoft globally for field level reporting
In line with FIFA Foundation, F.C. Barcelona Foundation, UN Agencies, USAID and US Government reporting methodologies, programming impact measured through weekly on-site ASA Foundation Master Instructor practical assessments, trainer and student stakeholder pre, mid and post testing/ examinations, programming footage, weekly activity reporting, trainer action plans, video-based interviews together with questionnaire feedback sessions. ASA Foundation extensively monitors and evaluates projects!
Development of Trainer Stakeholder social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram together with WhatsApp/ LINE forums for additional reporting data and programming footage capture
All monitoring and evaluation processes together with narrative reporting aligned with UN and US Government standards.
All financial reporting in accordance with UN and US Government financial procedures to guarantee transparency.