ASA & PFSA deliver massively successful Smart Community Cup to over 380 vulnerable boys and girls in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

Supported by Smart, ASA, in association with long-term strategic partner PFSA (UK), recently implemented the Smart Community Cup to over 380 vulnerable boys and girls, aged 12-18, from 5 NGOs based in Phnom Penh. The event, which was hosted by Cambodian professional football club, Phnom Penh Crown F.C., combined a Fair Play tournament with PFSA professional coaching development clinics wrapped around Life Skills and Gender Equality education that was led by PFSA Master Coach, Dean Whitehouse (Manchester United F.C. Academy).

A grand total of 388 direct male and female youth together with 16 young adult coach beneficiaries were educated and empowered by the project with all stakeholders participating in physical activities that transmitted healthy behaviors and developed important life skills values. Furthermore, 45% of the youth beneficiaries were female, thus, the training program promoted Gender Equality & Women Empowerment.

Supported by ASA, PFSA selected 5 U18 male and 3 U14 female players to join Phnom Penh Crown F.C. for professional club trials. ASA & PFSA then reviewed the players during a very special PFSA coaching clinic at the club for their Academy U13, U15 and U17 squads. Smart, ASA Foundation and PFSA will closely monitor their progress with Phnom Penh Crown F.C. which is a massive success story!