F.C. Barcelona Foundation & KONAMI FutbolNet Festival reaches out to 250 vulnerable male and female youth at Global Jaya School, Tangerang, Indonesia!

To celebrate the massively successful F.C. Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI FutbolNet Indonesia project, ASA recently implemented a FutbolNet Festival for vulnerable male and female youth and young adult community coaches at Global Jaya School in Tangerang, Indonesia.

With both F.C. Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI management teams in attendance, the FutbolNet Festival reached out to a total 250 vulnerable male and female youth aged, 10 – 14 years old. Led by the 60 community coach stakeholders, and supported by ASA and F.C. Barcelona Foundation master trainers, the male and female youth participated in a series of FutbolNet training activities while learning important FutbolNet Life Skills values. The FutbolNet Festival was recorded by CNN and a host of Indonesian national media. Please feel free to review the event at: https://youtu.be/8kHV29NwVeM

Over the past 9 months, the FutbolNet programming activities have reached out and empowered 86 male and female community coaches together with over 10,500 male and female youth stakeholders on the FutbolNet training methodologies across North Jakarta slum areas and West Java rural communities. ASA is currently conducting final on-site FutbolNet Monitoring & Evaluation activities together with Coach Mentoring seminars across the programming areas.

Many thanks again to F.C. Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI for all their help and support!