F.C. Barcelona Foundation & KONAMI FubolNet Indonesia program goes from strength-to-strength with more coaches and youth empowered!

Supported by the F.C. Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI, the ASA Foundation FutbolNet Indonesia project is moving into the final month of the 9 month project across the target slum areas of Pluit, North Jakarta together with the rural areas of Bogor in West Java.

The FutbolNet programming activities have currently reached out and empowered 87 male and female community coaches together with 5,705 male and 5,142 female youth stakeholders on the FutbolNet training methodologies.

ASA is currently conducting extensive, on-site FutbolNet Monitoring & Evaluation activities together with Coach Mentoring seminars across the programming areas on a weekly basis with regular reports circulated to F.C. Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI management teams.

With both F.C. Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI invited to attend, the official FutbolNet Festival is scheduled to take place at Global Jaya School, Tangerang, West Java on Sunday 25th February, 2018 at 0800 – 1300. The showcase of FutbolNet activities will involve FutbolNet coach stakeholders together with 200 male and female youth beneficiaries.

Many thanks again to F.C. Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI for making this project possible!

For more FutbolNet photographic and video footage, please feel free to review: https://www.konami.com/from_konami/movie_view.html?movie_url=5693030755001 and https://www.facebook.com/fundaciofcb/posts/10156231036009015