ASA implements a second FutbolNet project with F.C. Barcelona & KONAMI across North Jakarta slum areas and West Java rural areas in Indonesia

In collaboration with F.C. Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI, ASA recently kicked off a second FutbolNet project in the slum areas of Pluit, North Jakarta followed by the rural areas of Bogor in West Java. The project specifically focuses on empowering 71 disadvantaged male and female community coaches on FCB’s FutbolNet training methodologies over a 9 month period. Supported by ASA Foundation Master Coaches, Eko and Agus Salim, F.C. Barcelona Foundation Master Trainers, Alex and Ari, led the first round of FutbolNet seminars in the Pluit slum areas with the roles reversed for the second program in Bogor. The project was officially launched in the Pluit slum areas with 100 disadvantaged, male and female youth. All community coaches, who are now responsible for executing the FutbolNet programming activities to male and female youth in their respective communities, will now be extensively monitored and evaluated by ASA on a weekly basis with reports funnelled back to FCB Foundation management.