Since 2001, the Asian Sports Academy (ASA) has delivered specialised schools and communities-based sports development activities to over 1 million youth and young adults globally.

ASA Mission: Empowering and motivating people through education and sports training programs such as interactive classroom workshops, grass roots sports coaching clinics, training of trainers (ToT) seminars and international tournaments.

ASA Vision: Using sports development programs as a pedagogical tool to create awareness while providing lasting benefits in areas such as education, health, athletic development together with the regeneration of schools and communities.


In association with sports brands such as Kelme, Adidas, Nike and Lotto
Regional grass roots coaching programs
Boys and girls of all ages and skill levels invited
U6s, U8s, U10s, U12s, U14s, U16s, Senior
Fun and intuitive conditioning drills and technical skills workstations
For all team sports: Basic team play, formations, positions and tactics together with specializing in small sided 4 vs. 4 practice games
Fun mini tournaments
UK based coaching tests implemented
Regular coach analysis plus individual player and team progress reports


In association with PFSA, UK Sports associations and clubs together with US University Scholarship programs
Invitation only: Elite players selected from all ASA sports development programs and extensive
scouting conducted throughout Asia
Intensive coordination and conditioning (strength, speed and stamina) drills
Individual 1 on 1 training
For all team sports: Advanced team play, tactics and real match situations
Classroom theory sessions including psychological coaching methods to improve discipline and mentality
Diet & Nutrition plans
Regular Trainer reports and assessments
Competitive regional matches and tournaments together with international club tours
Opportunity for elite players to progress to Olympic national teams, attend trials at professional UK sports clubs and become enrolled in US University scholarship programs