ASA & PFSA British Premier League Club Adventure, UK

ASA & PFSA British Premier League Club Adventure, UK

ASA, in collaborate with the PFSA, offers you the opportunity to experience a British Premier League Club Academy Coaching and Development Scouting Clinic led by the Club Academy Coaches and PFSA Chief Scouts from the UK.

Forget Soccer Schools, ASA brings you the real deal here with a proper PROFESSIONAL CLUB ACADEMY coaching program, featuring BPL Club Academy Coaches and PFSA Chief Scouts who develop the best of the very best young talent at their clubs!

Therefore, do not miss out on this once in a life time opportunity!

PARTNERSHIP OFFER: And please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to set up a programming partnership by offering the BPL and PFSA Coaching Clinics to your players at your academy/ school, we will be delighted to fly the UK staff to your country.

To move forward, and for any questions, please contact us at:


For all players and families traveling from overseas, ASA can assist you with the following:
* All International air travel based on your country of origin.
* All overland transportation for the duration of your stay, including airport pick ups and drop offs.
* Hotel accommodation, with breakfast included, for the duration of your stay.
* Visa applications courtesy of AGS.