ASA facilitates FC Barcelona & UNICEF “FutbolNet” Inclusive Sports Development Master Training Program, Indonesia

ASA facilitated an FC Barcelona & UNICEF supported, Inclusive Sports Development Training of Trainer (ToT) Master Training program called “FutbolNet” for 60 local male and female teachers and government officials from across Indonesia which was held at the SLB1 (inclusive) school at Lebak Bulus, Jakarta.

Organised by ASA, and led by FC Barcelona’s Master Educators, the intensive 3 day seminar empowered the trainer stakeholders on FCB’s FutbolNet methodologies which strongly focuses on adapting inclusive sports activities to diverse capacities together with promoting dialogue and fostering reflection. ASA, who will be responsible for conducting on-site Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) visits for the 60 trainer stakeholders across Indonesia, also delivered an M&E Assessment workshop to the participants on the 4th day of the program.

The trainer stakeholders have created a WhatsApp Reporting Forum together with a Facebook page which will be used to upload reporting data and programming footage over the course of the 3 month pilot project.

The trainer stakeholders are now back in their schools and communities so stay tuned for further updates surrounding ASA’s M&E visits over the next 3 months.