ASA female trainer stakeholder excels during US Embassy supported Female Global Sports Mentoring Program in the US

A massive congratulations to ASA female trainer stakeholder, Jessica Wu, from Mindanao in the Philippines who recently excelled during the US Embassy supported Female Global Sports Mentoring program initiative which was held in the US. Jessica, a local female soccer coach from Iligan (Mindanao), who is currently starring in the ASA Sports-based Conflict Resolution & Life Skills Training of Trainer (ToT) Master Training program in Lanao del Norte, and who is in training to become a future ASA Master Trainer, travelled to the US to participate in a series of inspiring sports based education workshops and coaching empowerment programs.

Jessica is now planning to work on a 3 pillared project approach with the US Department of State by focusing on sports, education and legal matters associated with victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse across the Philippines. And supported by ASA during the next M&E visit to Mindanao, Jessica will also screen, select and recommend a female muslim soccer player who will then be put forward as a potential candidate to join the forthcoming Julie Faudy (former US Women’s Soccer Team Player) Foundation Training Camp in the US. The project aims at empowering female muslim athletes through professional sports, particularly through soccer coaching.

A massive thank you to long-term ASA partner, US Embassy, for making this life-changing visit possible for Jessica.

Fantastic news for Jessica and fantastic news for ASA!

Please feel free to check out all Jessica’s Female Global Sports Mentoring program footage at:
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